1st Thunder game! (6/3/2011)

Thanks to Memom, the kids got to go to their 1st Trenton Thunder game tonight ... it was "NJM night"! :) The kids were so excited to finally get to go to "Boomer's house"! We had a good time... the kids weren't totally entertained, but did well sitting through all of the innings... and enjoyed the snacks!

Speaking of snacks, I happened to look over and see Juliana take a bite out of SHELLED peanut... lol! Shell and all, she chomped down and proceeded to chomp away! While laughing, I had to show her that she should take the shell off first and then eat the peanut inside! lol... Poor thing-- exposed to so many things in her life so far, but I guess a few little "things" were left out. :)

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