FUN at school! (4/2011)

This week, the kids had a few out-of-the-ordinary FUN things to do at school!

The Triplets had "Pajama Day" where they got to wear their PJ's to school... they were SO excited about this! :)

Angelia performed in a little Talent Show at her school for the 1st time! My Angelia is very shy, especially when it comes to being in front of others, and I was happily surprised to hear she was going to dance/perform in the Talent Show-- and she actually did it! It was an activity done by the school's music teacher to get them up on stage in front of other, show off their talent, etc. Angelia & her friends did good... dancing away on Stage!

Angelia-- Mommy is so proud of you for performing in today's show! You did a great job up there! I love you!

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