Triplets' 5th birthday "kids party"! (2/23/2011)

Finally... the day the kids have been waiting for has finally arrived-- the day of their "kids party" at PUMP IT UP! They have been SO excited about their upcoming party and were full of excitememtn today as all of their friends, family, and school friends gathered to celebrate!

CAUTION: Don't be fooled... they are trying to contain their excitement as they listen to the "rules". This is the "calm before the storm". :)

Time to get this party started... time to bounce, bounce, bounce & go crazy!! :)

Sitting on their "birthday throne"! ANother "highlight" of having a birthday party at PUMP IT UP! :)

Despite the lateness of the hour tonight, how do you tell three 5 year olds that they can't open their birthday gifts!?!? So-- they attacked their present piles and were so happy & overwhelmed with all of their gifts! They got so many nice & awesome gifts... they are very lucky kids!

For the family & friends who helped us celebrate our 5th Birthday this year-- we thank you all for sharing our 5th birthday celebration with us! We had SO much fun and we hope you did too. Thank you all for the great birthday presents... we can't wait to play with them (or wear them)! We are so lucky to have so many great friends and family! With love from the three of us-- Anthony, Juliana, & Micaela :)
p.s. Thank you from Mommy & Daddy, too! They appreciate everyone's kindness & generosity!

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