My little "Lady Gaga" (2/2011)

Oh yes-- here she is... my "Little Miss Sassy" (a.k.a. Micaela). Micaela *loves* Lady Gaga's music... she yells "yay-- Wady Gaga!! Turn it up, Mom!" anytime a Lady Gaga song comes on... and then proceeds to dance around. A friend at work gave he this pair of "Lady Gaga" sunglasses for her and she was THRILLED! With her Mardi Gras "dice" beads around her neck, her "Lady Gaga" sunglasses on, and her attitude in full-effect, she thought she was "somethin'" that day, and the camera started snapping!

She is too funny with this stuff! I'm gonna have my hands full... :)
p.s. In case you didn't catch it earlier, yes-- Micaela calls her "Wady Gaga"... her "L's" come out as "W's"... lol! :)

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