Born to Ride (11/14/2010)

Aunt Sharon is always exposing the kids to something new and this time, she has introduced them to motor bikes! She got this bike and the kids are so excited to go for a ride on it.. especially Anthony, who thinks this is HIS motorcycle! Well today, they got their chance and got their 1st ride on the bike. The triplets liked it and Angelia was nervous (again-- she's so much like her Mother!), but everyone had a good time. Thank you, Aunt Sharon! :)

A "Mommy moment": With some encouragement, I got on the bike to take it for a spin... warning: I was totally unprepared in all aspects, but-- I gave it a try. I have NEVER driven a motor bike on my own before; only rode on the back of them. Well, I was warned the bike was powerful and to go easy and within seconds of pulling back on the handle to make it go, I found myself jumping the curb with the bike, then diving off of the bike onto the neighbor's grass, and the bike headed towards the neighbor's front door! Uummm yeah-- I think we are going to leave this "event" to Aunt Sharon... I stand by and take pics! :)

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