My "Beginner Skaters"! (11/14/2010)

My kids are always up to something...
They are now taking lessons to learn how to ice skate -- thanks Aunt Sharon! :)
Today was their 1st lesson! They were all very excited to go. This was their very 1st time on skates and were doing well walking around the rink in their skates and then.. they stepped onto the ice! As soon as Angelia stepped onto the ice, the nervousness set in (she's like her Mother, for sure!) and she was very uneasy about the whole thing, but she tried and I think she will do well once she gets used to it. As for the triplets, they were a bit more fearless... Anthony surprising me the most! They started with the basics today-- marching, getting up, etc.
After their lesson, they enjoyed their "promised" cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream whle they warmed up... yum!

They all did well for their 1st time and I couldn't be prouder of them for trying & for doing a great job! I can't wait to see what the next 4 lessons hold.... any figure skaters or ice hockey players in my future??
**With the kids now learning to skate, Sharon & I have to hit the ice and see what we are capable of, so we can take the kids skating... we are not thinking too much, though! Oh Boy! lol... :)

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