Angelia's "official" 6th Birthday! (8/31/2010)

It's "official"... Angelia is now 6 years old... wow-- where have the years gone?
Anyway... Angelia, the triplets, Courtney, Savanna, Memom, Aunt Sharon, & Mommy spent the day at Windward Beach and had lots of fun! It was a beautiful day and we had fun in the sun! Later that afternoon, we came back and had dinner, cake, & opened gifts. The triplets got to each pick out a gift for their big sister and couldn't wait to give "their" gift to her... they were SO excited!

THis concludes the celebration of Angelia's 6th Birthday!! :)

You are the BIG #6 today and Mommy can't believe it! When did you get so big?! It seems like just yesterday you came into the World and now you are starting 1st grade, losing your "baby teeth", reading & writing on your own, being such a "big girl"... you're growing up so quickly before my eyes. Mommy is so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter. You remind me everyday how so very lucky I am to be your Mom and I am forever blessed to have such a beautiful little angel to call my oldest daughter. Mommy loves you so much and hopes you had a wonderful 6th birthday!! I love you forever & ever, Baby Girl! xoxoxo

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