Swimming at Memom's (Summer 2010)

The kids would spend everyday here if they could... everyday in Memom's pool! The kids are LOVING the pool this year! They have all come such a long way so fast this Summer thus far with their swimming confidence & skills.

The basic skills Angelia learned at swimming lessons last year have blossomed into improved skills... she's doing awesome-- swimming & jumping in on her own with no assistance.

Anthony started off the summer being afraid of going in the pool and wearing a life vest & gripping onto me for dear life and is now simply wearing "swimmies" & swimming & jumping in freely. As I have seen all along with him, he will go at his own pace & will do it when HE is ready!

As for Juliana & Micaela, they both started off the season with "swimmies" and are now jumping & swimming on their own with nothing on!

Here are the kids having their 1st race! OMG-- seems like just yesterday I was that little having races in the pool with my sisters and friends!

We've made definite strides with swimming this Summer! I am SO proud of them and they are so proud of themselves! :) Lots of great memories at the pool...

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