Look who hopped on by! (4/2/2010)

Looked who hopped on by for a visit... the Easter Bunny! :) The Bunny surprised all of the kids with this visit and they were all so excited! Besides being overly excited with the Easter Bunny's presence, they couldn't grab their baskets quick enough to grab all of the eggs scattered all over the front & back yard... 13 kids (my 4 little ones, my nieces, & the Wilke kids), lots of excitement, and lot of candy -- oh what a combo! :)

All of the kids -- except one (surprise! ... Micaela!)-- loved the Bunny! They were all beaming as they gave the Bunny hugs, talked to the Bunny, took pics with the Bunny, etc. Even the "big kids" took pictures with the Easter Bunny... aawww! Before "she" left us, the Bunny even went for a walk around the block with all of the kids in tow... it was quite a site... the Easter Bunny following 13 little ones... our own little Easter parade!

Once again, Aunt Sharon missed the Easter Bunny's arrival! Where could she be?!? lol... Thank you "Easter Bunny"! :)

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Annie said...

Great pics, Brandi! Thanks for inviting us over---as usual, we had a blast!!!