Easter morning 2010

The Bunny came back! :)

Happy Easter morning!!
Here they are... all ready to hunt for their baskets and see what the Easter Bunny brought them! Let the search 'um & sugar 'um up mission begin!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Baskets found and lots of goodies inside! Yay!
From chocolate to stickers to hair bows to cars... those baskets were FULL of goodies of all kind! The Bunny even brought the kids a few "bonus gifts"... new ZhuZhu pets, the ZhuZhu wheel, and kites! :)

*Every year, we leave a "treat" for the Easter Bunny... this year we left a carrot, a glass of water, and a side of romaine lettuce... YUM! Well, while the Easter Bunny was here, he decided to get cookin' in the kitchen and made the kids "Bunny biscuits"!

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