Happy 4th Birthday... Anthony, Juliana, & Micaela! (2/10/2010)

It's official... my "babies" are 4 years old today!!! I know-- I can't believe it either! When did they get SO big?!? ... wow-- how time flies!
So... here they are on their 4th birthday! We spent their 4th birthday snowed-in due to the 2nd Winter blast we have received in a week, but-- we had a good day all together! They were born on the weekend of a big snowstorm and 4 years later, here we go again! Anyway-- the kids woke up to balloons & b-day decorations (as usual),they played, we made Valentines crafts & cards, we had their b-day dinner, and had birthday cake-- they each had their own little cake & a big one to share and we sang to each of them, of course, giving each one their moment to shine! It was a very happy 4th Birthday for them! :)

Earlier in the week, Angelia & I went shopping and she picked up a b-day present for each of them. She couldn't wait to give them their presents; she even decorated a bag for each of their gifts to be put in! It was so cute watching her get so excited to give them her gift (she got them each a DISNEY cup)-- she made them all sit down in a line then she handed out the gifts -- in an organized fashion (like her mother!). The kids loved their cups & showered their big sister with hugs & kisses. These are the moments that melt my heart! :)

To my now 4 year old "babies"... Mommy cannot believe how BIG you guys are now! I went from holding every bit of each of you cradled in my arms just a few years ago to now only being able to hold a small part of you-- at least I can still hold you, though. :) I know each of you will continue to grow, but you will always be my babies no matter how "big" you are... and don't forget it! Mommy loves all of you so much! Each one of you, including your big sister, are my everything... you fill my heart & life with so much love & joy. I am so lucky to be your Mommy! **Happy 4th Birthday, babies!** Mommy loves you...

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