Build-A-Bear for our 4th Birthday! (2/9/2010)

With another BIG snow storm expected to arrive tomorrow -- on the triplets' 4th birthday -- we thought we'd take them out today to do something fun for their birthday since we'd probably be snowed-in on their birthday.... so-- off to Build-A-Bear we went! The triplets were never here before and were so excited to get the chance to make a bear when we arrived & told them what they would be doing! From choosing, to stuffing, to cleaning, to dressing & accessorizing, they did really well & had a good time! :)

In the end, we left with a Panda named "Sam" dressed in a Fireman outfit (Anthony's), a Dalmation named "Love Bug" dressed in a red dress (Juliana's), and a Bear named "Belle" dressed in a Tinkerbell costume (Micaela's). They all really came out cute!

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