A-scarium! (10/23/09)

What to do... what to do... what to do on a rainy October night?? Down to Pt. PLeasant we went to Jenkinson's A-scarium! They transformed the aquarium into the A-scarium for the Halloween season and it was awesome-- and SO worth it! It was dark inside with all of the fish tanks lit up, all of the staff dressed as pirates, the kids got to see all of the fish, do a few projects, etc. -- they had a blast! My Anthony was quite the handsome little pirate... AAAARRRGGGHHH!!! :) The kids got a picture with the mermaid which they loved! When I asked the kids if they wanted a pic with her, Julianan took off running toward her, hopped up on her lap, and hugged her... it was too cute!

Funny time of the night to share: When it was time for face-painting, Micaela sat down and pulled up her pant-leg instantly -- wanting her "tattoo" (as she called it) on her leg! lol... That came out of no where and it was hysterical! I am going to keep this picture for when the girls get older and decide to go off to get a tattoo... lol!

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