VBS - Summer '09 (8/10-8/14/09)

EVERYONE got to go to Vacation Bible School this summer (the triplets & Courtney are now old enough!)... and they ALL had a great time! This was the triplets & Courtney's 1st "classroom experience" and did really well. Everyday, they did projects, went to Church, sang songs, played, etc. and loved it. It was a good experience for all of them. I loved hearing their "version" of their day everyday on our drive home. One day, I asked, "How was your day? What did you learn about today?" and Juliana responded... "The lady told us to go sit on the rug and then we had snack." I said, "Oh, ok... but what did you learn about today?" and she repeated the same response.... lol. :) I had to then ask, "Did you learn about God today?" and the response was, "Yes!" :)
Here are a few pics of their smiling faces... on the 1st day and the last day of VBS (yes-- they made their own t-shirts!).

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