Wildwood '09 (mid-June '09)

"Memom" and I took all 6 kids to Wildwood for a few days. It wasn't must of a "vacation" for her and I in terms on being able to rest & relax, but-- it was a lot of fun, non-stop action, and we all had a really good time! We played in the pool at the hotel, went to the beach, enjoyed the Boardwalk, played at random playgrounds, went to Cape May, the kids peeled shrimp for the 1st time, etc. It was definitely a good time!
Thank you for taking us, Memom! We had a really good time. We love you! Hugs & kisses from all 6 of us-- and Mommy, too! :)

It's a long ride, so on the way down, we stopped along the Parkway at a rest stop and had a picnic. Memom and her ideas! :)

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Annie said...

Wow-I love your Mom's ideas! Picnic on the parkway----I have to remember that one! :)

Looks like everyone had a fun time---maybe exhausting, but fun time! LOL