The "official" last day of PreK! (6/12/09)

Yes, the girls had their PreK graduation on Monday, but actually had 2 more days of PreK to attend that week. On the 2 days following their graduation, they celebrated the "summer birthdays" in their class (Angelia being one of them!) and then the celebration of the "offical last day of PreK".
Both girls had a GREAT year. They have both changed and learned so much in this seemingly short time. They had agreat PreK experience and are definitely ready for "big girl school" (a.k.a. Kindergarten)!
**Angelia & Savanna-- we are all SO proud of you. We cannot believe you are now off to Kindergarten in the Fall! We ALL love you very much.

Look at how much they have changed in just 9 short months... from the 1st day of PreK4 (girls in blue & yellow) to the last day (girls in pink & brown)... amazing!!

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