Saturday night... down the Shore! (6/6/09)

It's summertime, it's a Saturday night, and down the shore Sharon & I go with with the kids in tow ... to Pt. Pleasant Beach we go!
We started off with a walk on the beach and then hit the Boardwalk where the kids enjoyed the rides... Mommy even got to go for a spin on a few with the kiddies, too, this time around! :)

(Little) Footprints in the sand... :)

What a beautiful view...

There was a party going on and the kids couldn't help to stop & check it out! They were ven dancing on the table... lol! As Aunt Sharon always says-- "these kids are always ready for a party!" :)

It was yet another fun summer night "down the shore"!

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Annie said...

Awwww, great pics and fun times! :) Great memories, Brandi! :)