A new Kindergartener-to-be! (2/4/09)

Today my "little girl" had KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION ... wow-- I cannot believe it ... she's going off to "real school" this coming school year! Time surely does FLY!
She was so happy & excited to go to her soon-to-be school today and finally step inside. Prior to now, we have only walked past it numerous times and simply talk about the days when she will actually go to school there. This time, though, as she stood out front of it, I thought... she's so little to be going off to a "big place" like school. UGH!
Anyway-- when it was our turn during registration, Angelia went off with one of the Kindergarten teachers to be tested while I met with the secretary and nurse for the registration portion. Following the testing, the teacher said she did well! :) YAY! :)
She is so excited to go "school" and I'm sure she'll do well. For now, we'll finish up PreK and then enjoy the summer. :) Bestill my heart for a little while longer... :)

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Annie said...

Awwww, Angelia is such a big girl!!! She is going to have a GREAT time in kindergarten. But yes, enjoy your time with her now........it does go by so quickly!!!