1st snow romp! (1/20/09)

Another one of Mommy's "wonderful ideas"... take the kids outside to play in the snow! lol... This was the 1st time the Triplets got a chance to get out and play in the snow. The 1st winter they were too little and last Winter, for whatever reason, we never made it out, so-- here we go (this year)!
INSIDE-- where the "fun" began: The dressing & bundling up process of the 4 children on my own took about 45 minutes. Sounds simple, but-- it was 45 minutes to layering clothes, bundling, and 4 children randomly moaning & complaining (i.e. "These are too tight! These are too big! I don't want to wear my gwoves!")... UGH! So, needless to say, by the time I got them all bundled up, I was STRESSED and was ready to de-bundle them and call it a day! But-- I couldn't do that to my excited little ones, so out into the snow we went. YAY!

OUTSIDE -- a new adventure: After Juliana's brief moment of pouting (she didn't want to wear gloves, but soon found out the importance of them on a snowy day), everyone was very excited and loving the snow! Anthony was having an issue with getting over the fact that snow sticks to your clothes, gloves, it's cold, etc., and it's not "dirty" and it's ok to be on him. The kids all grabbed their shovels that Santa brought them for xmas and rushed to dig & shovel... I hope they are this eager when they are teenagers! :) They were sure to make Snow Angels... Micaela decided to make one in the driveway and a few of them attempted to make some lying on their bellies-- hey, whatever works! They tried to make snowballs, but not much luck-- the snow was very fine. They shoveled, they played, they had a great time!
So-- all in all, it was a worth-while experience for the joy it brought to my kiddies. Lots of stress for Mom, but lots of fun for the kiddies! :)

Until the next snow... stay warm! :)


Glen & Shilo said...

Cuuuuuuute Brandi! Miss you guys~


Annie said...

as always, GREAT pics!!! After today, I totally can relate to the "preparation" of playing in the snow.............and we only lasted 15 minutes!!!! lol Good job, mama!