We saw Santa! (12/19/08)

We waited & waited and finally got to go see Santa Claus!! When we arrived at the location where Santa was going to be, he wasn't there yet. Soon after we arrived, we heard Santa pull up in his (awesome) pick-up truck and in he came to the building with his big green sack upon his back. The kids were overwhelmed by the sight of Santa standing before them. Micaela reacted quickly and ran away from him in fear, while the others watched him in amazement! Knowing Micaela was scared, Santa spent some time "befriending" her and by doing this, she did warm up to him a bit. She got to shake the bells on his arm, his hat, got to see inside of his hat -- OMG, this Santa was the real deal, I'm telling you!
Later, the kids went in and Angelia & Anthony had no problems hopping up on his lap & talking to him. When he asked Angelia what she wanted for Christmas, she metnioned a few things and then said "I forget the rest" and he respoded with "I know-- Santa knows evreything" ... she smiled! :) Anthony asked for a dump truck and the girls asked for a doll baby. I am happy to say we accomplished our mission and the kids did get a pic with Santa, but I had to be in it, as well, since Micaela was scared... covering her face & sucking her thumb. As we were leaving, I asked the kids to say good-bye to Santa and Juliana ran up to him and have him a huge hug (this is one of my favortie pics!)... it was sweet.
Once we got outside, the kids checked out Santa's truck. It is an awesome truck! :)
We'll see you in a few days, Santa!

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Annie said...

Oh my, that first picture is ADORABLE!!!!!! Oh, Brandi, you have to frame that one! Those kiddos are spilling with love in that pic!!!