Jolly ole dog Nicholas (12/21/08)

Our neighbors, Linda & Ed, invited us over to their house to spend sometime for the holiday. When Linda had originally invited us, she told me to tell the kid's it's Nicky's birthday (which is actually on Christmas Day) ... Nicky (a.k.a. Nicholas) is their dog. While the kids were opening their xmas gifts from Ed & Linda, Nicholas joined in the fun and opened a gift of his own... it was amazing to see this dog unwrap his gift. He didn't tear it open or anything... he took his time, usinmg his mouth and paws, to literally unwrap his present... it was cool to watch!
Shortly after, the kids gathered around the table to have a treat and sang Happy Birthday to Nicky! So-- they had a little birthday party for Nicky... they were thrilled! It was cute... and a fun visit! **Thanks Linda & Ed!

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Annie said...

Wow-so cool the dog opens presents!!!We need a video of that, Brandi!