Mommy's Vegas Vacation! (Sept 30 - Oct. 4, '08)

Yes... Mommy got away ALONE!! For my 30th birthday, it was time to get away, have fun, and celebrate! So-- off to Vegas I went... with Sharon, her brother, & his girlfriend ... and had an awesome time! 5 days of NONE of my usual responsibilities ... 5 days of whatever-goes, good times! Even though I missed my babies, I managed to have a good time... I left my babies in good hands... with their Daddy & their Memom. :)

In Vegas-- daily, Sharon and I were out all day and all night ... out and about all day & night to capture as much of "The Strip" as we could and did pretty well. This wasn't a relaxing vacation, to say the least, but it was awesome seeing all of the sites... it's amazing-- so much going on in 1 area!

Highlites of our trip:
- the water show at the Bellagio .. so beautiful and amazing to see
- spending time in the dueling piano bar with "The Twin Keys" at Harrah's ... this was a lot of fun!
- we saw Cirque de Soleil's BELIEVE show with Criss Angel (OMG-- I love him!) ... Sharon, thank you for this wonderful b-day gift! I am SO happy I got to go see the show... and Criss! "Are you ready?" :)
- we took the "Dam Tour" ... during the tour, Sharon and I stood on the state line-- I was on Arizona side and she was on the Nevada side ... and-- I rubbed the toes of the beautiful "Winged Figures of the Republic" for good luck
- the "Fremont Street Experience" with the overhead light show ... you have to go "downtown" and check it out
- we got to see the BODIES exhibit and the TITANIC exhibit -- both very awesome and interesting
- I rode public transportation more in 5 days than I have in my life! :) "Welcome to... the Deuce!" :) Yes-- that is a pic of Sharon and I at the bus stop waiting for the Deuce! lol... we couldn't resist! :)
- we checked out an "Oxygen Bar" ... that stuff works!
- we went to COYOTE UGLY ... all I wanted to see was the girls perform/dance on stage like the movie and they did! It was cool and the drinks were kick-a**... YUM! What a good buzz!

Overall, again-- I can't say it enough-- it was a great time! :) I am SO happy and greatful that I got the chance to get away and see Vegas for the 1st time! :) I can't wait to go away again! :) Oh no... now I've got "the itch"! :)

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Annie said...

GREAT pics, Brandi! Can I come on the next vacation?????