Here fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy! (9/27/08)

Yes... that's FOUR "fishies" added to our unexpected "FISH collection"! We are now up to a grand total of 6 fish ... 1 male Beta fish ("Shushi"), 4 female Beta fish, and 1 goldfish ("Dorothy"). Our new additions joined our family following our little friend Joey's 1st Birthday party! Keeping with the ELMO'S WORLD theme for his party, each child was given a "fish" so they have a fish like ELMO. :) Hence, the addition of the 4 new fish! :)
As soon as we got home from the party, the kids were anxious to get them into their bowls, so we got it all set up and they got to see, talk to, feed, and name their new fish. And the names of our new additions are...
- Angelia's = ARIEL
- Anthony's = BUBBLES
- Juliana's = SMARTIE
- Micaela's = GA-FRISH (lol... when I asked her the fish's name, she said GA-FRISH... what she was actually saying was "Goldfish", but this is how it came out each time she said it and now sticks)

p.s. **HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, JOEY!** We had lots of fun at your party! Thank you for inviting us and thanks for our fishies! :)

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