Little Fire-girls! (10/15/08)

Today was "fire safety day" at Preschool. Firemen on the fire truck came to visit Angelia and Savanna's preschool. It was exciting for them!
When we went to the pick the girls up from Preschool, Anthony spotted all of the firemen hats and wanted one. Angelia gave her hat to her little brother and he was thrilled... and hasn't parted with it since. **update - It's been a few days since "fire safety day" and Anthony has not let his fireman hat go! He takes it everywhere with him ... to bed, to go out, into the bathroom when he takes a bath...! :) I tell him he's like "Fireman Sam" ... he smiles and says "Fi-man Sam!" and giggles! :) what a little cutie!
p.s. I love the last pic of Anthony in his diaper and fireman hat! :) I think we should have this pic in the annual firemen calendar! :)

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Annie said...

Awwww, so cute!!! Do we have a future fireman in our midst???!!!