Splish! Splash! (mid-June '08)

With the hot summer days upon us, the kids been spending many of their days out back playing in their pool, having picnic lunches, and having a BALL! They giggle and laugh as they jump, slide, and splash... it's too cute! They go nuts when I squirt them with the water from the hose! As expected, Juliana gets tired of her "wet" bathing suit and swim diaper fast, so she's usually naked most of the time outside.... yes-- she's my "el natural child"... she'd be naked 24/7 if you'd let her! Where does she get that from??? :)
When the kids are out, our dear next door neighbor, Doris, usually peeks over the gate to say HI. They love Doris and all go running to the gate yelling "Doris! Doris!" and give her kisses through the gate-- too cute! She loves it.
More summer fun to come, I'm sure! Stay tuned...


Annie said...

Oh, looks like FUN! We have to get the kids together!

Glen & Shilo said...

Oh to be a kid again! So fun peeking at the pics. How precious! It's getting me excited for our little one soon to come Brandi :). Don't get to hot out there!

Lots of love,
Glen & Shilo