1st dance recital (5/30/08)

Here she is... our little ballerina. My niece, Savanna, had her 1st dance recital tonight. She looked adorable (and SO grown up) in her costume. A little stage fright kept her from dancing with her class on stage, but she did come out on the stage for the tumbling part of the show and did a forward roll. Great job, Savanna!
Grammy couldn't believe she was sitting through another recital... this time for her great-grand-daughter! She has been to MANY recitals in her time... from her daughters' (my mom) to her grand-daughters (my sisters, I, & our cousins) to her great-granddaughter! :)
Seeing all of this, Angelia got the "itch" to go to dancing school... thinking of sending her in the Fall. I miss dancing school myself-- I loved it!

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