Tea Party with Mommy! (5/6/08)

Today, Angelia's preschool hosted a Mother's Day Tea Party! I joined all of the Moms at beautifully set tables when I arrived ... the kids came out of their classroom shortly after to "serenade us" with 3 songs. They started off with BARNEY's "I love you..." song and finished up with "You are my Mommy..." (a song which went along to the tune of "You are my sunshine..."). That song brought tears to my eyes... "You are my Mommy, my lovely Mommy... you make me happy, when I am blue..." .... OMG-- my heart was melting and the tears were flowing! After the kids sang, they came & sat next to their Mommy where we enjoyed strawberry shortcake & (iced) tea together and made a huge fuss over the gifts they made for us.

She decorated a card for me which had a cute saying inside. One of the gifts were a fill-in-the-blank project where Angelia shared that "My Mommy.... is 5 years old ... likes to play Candyland with me... her favorite color is purple & yellow ... I want to tell her I love you..." The other gift she made was a box that she decorated with little surprises in it. The box & the goodies inside went along to this poem...

It's almost Mother's Day ... I want to show my Mom I love her in a special way.
I'll decorate a little box.
I'll put in a teddy bear... it shows how we love to bear hug.
I'll put in a piece of gum ... it shows how much we always stick together.
I'll put in some nuts ... they show how silly we like to be.
I'll put in a Band-aid ... it shows how she always comes to my rescue.
I'll put in a chocolate kiss... it shows how good it feels to be loved.
And Mommy, don't forget... I'll love you forever!

(go ahead... say AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW!!! You know I did!) :)

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Annie said...

OMG-how sweet!!!!!!!! And 5 years old, huh, Brandi??? :) Lookin' good, Mama!!! :)