Our trio (5/4/08)

Here they are... OUR TRIO! :) This photo op doesn't come up very often -- all 3 of them in 1 place at 1 time smiling-- so I took it! As you can see, our trio is getting very BIG... very fast! I cannot believe they are already 2, even though reality strikes REAL FAST daily when they are all running in different directions, getting into things (usually stuff they shouldn't be in), feeding themselves, talking, fighting, doing things independently, etc. ... can't expect much less in a house with 4 kids under 4, right?! :) Yes-- my days at home have become more challenging in many ways with 4 toddlers on the loose, but-- such is life... the toddler years will be gone before I know it and I will be looking back wishing for them to be little again.
I love you, babies! :)
p.s. Take a good look... can you tell? 3 different kids, 3 different personalities. To me, their faces say it all! Juliana is my "master mind" (she seems to be always scheming & getting into things), Micaela is my "drama queen" (wherever Micaela is, drama & action follows), and Anthony is "Mr. Laid Back" (he's like my Pop Pop... not too much bothers him, takes things as they come).

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Annie said...

What a great picture! They look so darn cute!