Big Boy Bed! (5/24/08)

Anthony is FINALLY sleeping in a "big boy bed"! :) As most of you know, the girls have been sleeping in toddler beds since they were 22 mos. old, but Anthony has been content with his crib for all of this time. He had his toddler bed set up since the girls' got theirs, but her never showed any interest until last week. When I went to get him on both Friday & Saturday, I found him in his bed... he climbed out of his crib and ended up in his bed. So-- opportunity knocked and Michael and I hurried to take his crib down on Saturday night. So far he's been doing really good with it. My "big boy"! :)
p.s. I have to admit-- it was kind of sad taking his crib down... it was the last of my "babies'" cribs to take down... no more "babies", I guess. :( Where has the time gone?????

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Annie said...

Awww, I love the first pic! So cute! What a big boy Anthony is now! :) Love the sheets, btw.