KIDS birthday party! (2/18/08)

Our house was very BUSY this afternoon, to say the least! Today, I had my friends over and their little ones to celebrate the triplets' 2nd birthday. Everywhere you looked... on chairs, on the floor, in the kitchen, in the playroom... there was a child. We had a total of 16 kids (ranging from ages 4.5 yrs. old - 11 mos. -- mostly in the 1-2 yr. old age range, though) and 7 Moms. Everything went really well... the kids had a great time together and the Moms got to chat. It was a good time! :)
As expected, Micaela ended the party with a "bang"... she got "sick"-- too much excitement and food all at 1 time, but as you can see, after a nap, she was back to her usual cheery & silly self once again! :)


Annie said...

We had a great time with our Zerilli friends! :) Can't wait to get together again.............Happy Birthday Micaela, Anthony, and Juliana!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great time Brandi! It was lots of fun & Chris had a great time.