Brush-A, Brush-A, Brush-A! (2/2008)

One of the triplets' newest daily rituals... teeth brushing! They get VERY excitied when I announce "It's time to brush our teeth!" I have found it's easier to do this while they are all sitting at the table in their highcahirs! Micaela & Juliana jump right in... the brush goes right in their mouth, they brush random teeth, suck the paste off the brush, etc. For those of you that know Anthony, as expected, he takes the cautious route and checks out the brush, watches the girls, put up a fight when I try to brush his teeth, etc. before he'd lets me put the toothbrush in his mouth.
As you can see, when they are done, they love to show off their little "pearly whites"! **CCCCHHHEEEESSSEEEE!!!**** Gotta love "new things"!

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Annie said...

Awwww. say cheese!!!! What beautiful smiles!!