Due to many of us ringing in the New Year with the "stomach bug", our New Years was pretty low key, but fun. Many stayed away in fear they would get it too, but "Aunt Toni", Matthew, and Thomas came to hang out with us and ring in the New Year. As always, the kids had a ball playing together and the adults got to hang out. Like every year, we watched the "ball" drop in Times Square and then the kids raced outside to bang their pots & pans, bang on the drum, whatever would make noise... they went nuts! Neighbors were shooting off fireworks locally, so they were also watching in awe of them. The triplets were not up at midnight to ring in the New Year like last year. We put them to bed at regular time, knowing they needed their sleep, and didn't want to awaken them at midnight in fear they wouldn't want to go back to sleep! Miss Micaela, though, was sure to model as "Baby New Year" the next day. Only my little "Gert" (that's Micaela's nickname)!
From our family to yours... HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hoping 2008 is good to all of you. Wishing all of you a safe, happy, and healthy New Year!

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Annie said...

Happy New Year Zerilli family!!!! Looks like the kids had a blast! My Nicky was outside banging pots, too! :)