Christmas at HERSHEY! (12/28/07)

With 2 minivans loaded, Michael, ToniAnn, all 8 kids, and I made the 2 hour trek to Hershey, PA to experience CHRISTMAS AT HERSHEY... the sweetest place on Earth! (you know the jingle!) Anyway... the day was going well, we made good time, had a nice meal, got to the park, were in AWE by the beautifully lit park, got a pic with the Hershey kiss, the kids went on a few rides, and then BAM-- the rain started to fall and continued the entire night! The park was only open from 5-10 pm, we got there at 5:15, and it was raining by 6:15 -- UGH! So-- as the rain fell harder, we rushed inside to take the Chocolate Factory tour. This was the triplets' 1st time on a "real ride" other than the merry-go-round and they did great-- they just sat there staring the entire time! Once we came out of the tour, the kids all sat down to enjoy their chocolate treat, having a good old time together, and the BAM again-- Anthony decided to give me a little treat of his own... he threw up all over me and himself! Poor lil' guy. :( So-- we got him changed and then took a guided trolley ride around the town of Hershey.
After the trolley ride, it was getitng late and still raining, so we left. On the way home, I had to make random stops along the PA Turnpike because my poor little guy kept getting sick... yes-- he had been "bitten" by the stomach bug. This unfortunate experience erupted into a mini epidemic for our family which would last a few weeks, unbeknown to us at that time. We all ended up getting bit by the stomach bug at some point over the next few weeks... what a heck of a few weeks!
On a "sweeter" note-- Hershey Park is so beautiful at Christmas and now that we got a taste of it, we'd love to go back. Maybe next year and we will definitely go on a day when NO RAIN is in the forecast!

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Annie said...

oh, it sounds like such a nice "mini-vacation" for a night, but stinks that Anthony got sick! Hopefully, next year will be sick-free!