We've made the switch... (12/12/07)

... to toddler beds! :) Yes-- the girls have been moved into toddler beds. After MANY weeks of them jumping out of their cribs, it was time... even though it's hard to face the fact that "my babies" are getting big! UGH! Anyway-- the beds were a source of pure excitement from the time the girls laid eyes on them. They rushed right over to them -- Anthony trailing behind -- and jumped in/on. Giggling, jumping, laughing, you name it... they were having a grand old time! Anthony was the most excited to actually lay on the bed and he kept saying "Ni-night... ni-night"-- he knew exactly what this bed was for.

So far, the girls are doing pretty good in their beds.... I'm happy to report. Right now, since it's all so new, you will hear/find them playing & giggling for over an hour after you put them in their room, but eventually they fall asleep. Anthony has caught on to the fact that they have something in their room that he doesn't, so now he wants to sleep with them in their room most of the time. So-- depending upon how tired he is, he may opt for his crib or he may not. Thanks to our friends, the Wilkes, we were able to get another toddler bed for Anthony, so it's set up, but he doesn't seem as eager to sleep in it yet... he'd rather go sleep in the girls room. So-- we think we may put all 3 of them in 1 bedroom for awhile while they adjust and it will keep Anthony company, as well. All 3 of them haven't slept in the same room together since they were 6.5 months old! OMG-- how time flies! Once Anthony does go in his bed, though, we'll bring you an update.

p.s. Thanks Aunt Sharon for putting our beds together! :)

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Annie said...

Oh, they all look sooo proud and happy with their new beds! What big kids you have there, Brandi!!!!