O Christmas tree! (12/2007)

FINALLY... our tree is up and decorated! :) I figured I'd take a picture of it now just in case, though.... With 4 toddlers on the loose, you never know what may occur!
As many of you know, I love having my Christmas tree up, so... with the little ones on foot and into anything and everything they can get into at this age, Michael and I decided to put the play yard to use once again and attempt to protect the Christmas tree (and keep us a little more sane). I'm not kidding. So far, it's working... as expected, the kids pull off a random ornament here and there that they can reach, but no major attacks on the tree. :) As you can imagine, "Don't touch" AND "You don't take the ornaments off of the tree" have been the select phrases these last few days. 'Tis the season... oh what fun! :)

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Annie said...

Your tree looks beautiful!!!!!