Let's party! (11/3/07)

We recently had the chance to share in the Wilke Quads' 1st Birthday celebration (11/3/07)! We all had a lot of fun at the party! :) Besides not being able to get enough of the "cheese doodles" (it seems like every time I looked, one of them had a cheese doodle in their hand or the orange cheese on their mouth & fingers), Angelia loved the clown & the magic show and the triplets were loving their freedom as they randomly roamed around the hall looking for someone or something to play with. It was a good day & a good time. :)

**Happy 1st Birthday Matthew, Katie, Emma, & Austin!**


Kelly said...

I can't believe you read the whole thing! It really means a lot that you took the time to do so and thank you so much for your wonderful comment! :)

Annie said...

We were so happy you guys could make it to the party!!! I'm so lucky to have a good friend like you, Brandi!!!