Here we are... all dressed up for HALLOWEEN!! This year, we went with the "pumkpin patch" theme! Angelia was the "(Pumpkin) Princess of the Patch", Juliana & Micaela were pumpkins, and Anthony was a scarecrow. They all looked REALLy cute! Anthony was not too fond of wearing his hat (as you can see, his sister was trying to get him to wear it!), but surprisingly, the girls kept them on the entire time!

My nieces, Savanna (dressed as "Dorothy") and Courtney (dressed as "Eeyore") came trick-or-treating with us, too... all 6 cousins together for the fun! At first, we loaded the littlest ones in the Choo-choo wagon and set out to trick-or-treat, but that didn't last long... for most of the time, they were all on foot. This was the 1st year the littlest ones got to walk up to the doors and trick-or-treat... they did pretty good! As expected, most of them couldn't wait 'til they got home to eat their candy (even though we only went around 1 block!), so they dipped into their candy as we went around. Anthony wanted a lollipop SO bad, he chewed through the wrapper to get the lollipop! YUM!

It was a good & fun Halloween! Thanks to Memom, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Mark, Aunt Dana, and Aunt Stacey for all of their assistance with my kids, especially, while we trick-or-treated... the extra hands REALLY came in handy! :)


The Witkowski Family said...

How cute!!!!!!!! Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun. The gang is getting so big. Thanks for sharing.


Jessica Puzio said...

They are so ADORABLE!!!!! Good job MOM on the costumes!!!!!