Halloween at Preschool! (10/30/07)

Angelia was VERY excited for her Halloween parade and party at Preschool! She got all dressed up in her costume ... she's a "Pumpkin Princess" this year ... and off to school she went to join all of her classmates who were all dressed up as well. Angelia's class started their day with a "mini costume parade" in the playground of their preschool... in pairs, they paraded around the playground 2x-- it was cute... and then they returned to their classroom for a Halloween party.

During the party, besides having lots of goodies to eat, they decorated trick-or-treat bags for themselves and got the chance to decorate a pumpkin cookie! Angelia did a great job with decorating her cookie (as you can see!)... this was a 1st for her. You can tell she has "decorating instincts/skills" like all of the bakers/cake decorators in the family that have come before her... Pop-Pop, Memom, Mommy, Aunt Kelly! :)

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