SURPRISE... it's time! (2/10/2006)

On Friday, February 10, 2006 (exactly 1 week before our scheduled c-section), Mike & I went for our final ultrasound. During the ultrasound, all of their hearst were beating away, but "Baby C" (later known as "Micaela") decided that she wasn't going to cooperate and didn't "move" within the allowed 30 min. time span of the ultrasound, so being a little concerned, my doctor decided to deliver the babies THAT DAY! It wasn't an "emergency" situation, just an "urgent" one. Mike and I were shocked... this was TOTALLY unexpected! I wasn't showing any signs of being ready to deliver or anything, but I guess "Baby C" was ready to show her beautiful face to the World. So... panic, anxiety, happiness, a little bit of everything fell upon us, the cell phones began calling ("Mom... the babies are being delivered TODAY!!"), you name it! I didn't have my "hospital bag" completely packed yet, didn't have anything besides my purse with me, Angelia was home with a friend, etc., so I said to Mike, "Do you think they'll let me go home, get my bag & be sure Angelia is settled and then come back?" He said, "Oh no! You're not going anywhere!" Sure enough, there I stayed and within just over 2.5 hours, I was heading into the OR to have my babies!!! Here they come....... :)
**This is a pic of me hours (in the hospital) before I delivered... yes-- thank goodness I had my camera with me and had to snap a few last pics of myself & my big belly!!**

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