My belly was growing and growing and growing...

During my pregnancy with the triplets, my belly was growing and growing and growing...... bigger & faster by the day it seemed!! Here's pics of this belly of mine... 1st pic was at approx. 18 wks (at Jess & Steve's wedding), 2nd pic was at approx. 23 wks (my last day of work before maternity leave), 3rd pic was at approx. 25 wks (Dec. 7 '05 -- the day my niece Courtney was born), and the last one was at approx. 29 weeks (Christmas Day '05).
OMG-- I look back at these pics and I have to say-- I loved being prego! :)
A word of advice for all of the moms-to-be: ENJOY your pregancy!! The time flies by SO fast and there's nothing like this experience in the World. The good and the not-so-good days, moments, & times you may experience throughout your pregnancy are all SO worth it-- especially in the end-- the beautiful new life (or lives) you bring into this World! :)

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