Miracles DO happen... again AND again AND again! (7/2005)

Believe us... miracles DO happen again and again and again!!! A few months before Angelia turned 1, we thought we'd "try" again for another child. Considering how long it took us to get pregnant with our 1st child, we thought we'd start "early" just in case. Well... luck must have been on our side because the 1st try was good and on Thursday, July 7, 2005, we found out we were pregnant!! My initial blood count was approx. 2x what my count was when I got pregnant with Angelia and continued on that same path, so we thought TWINS were a good possibility and were excited. I always had a feeling that at some point in my life I'd have multiples and I thought, this just may be that time I've always imagined.

Well.... On Tuesday, July 26, was the BIG day... our 1st ultrasound... our 1st look at just how many "Baby Z's" were in there!! The dr. started looking and began to count (with her eyes getting larger and larger as she looked!)... there's 1... 2...........3 ... TRIPLETS!! The initial reaction of Michael, my doctor, and I was complete silence and then an OMG! I said to the dr., "You're kidding me, right?" and she replied, "I don't joke about things like this." She showed us our triplets-to-be on the US screen... as were all in complete shock, the tears started flowing, the smiles came upon our faces ... we were all a mixed bag of emotions!! **SEE US PICS OF THE BABIES ABOVE -- SHOWS BABY "A", THEN "B", THEN "C" @ 8 wks*** Michael and I always wanted 4 kids, but we NEVER thought we'd have them this quick! We walked out of the room with tears in our eyes, but smiles on our faces and stayed that way for a long time that day, especially me! We just couldn't believe the wonderful news!!!

We shared the great news with our immediate family and close friends at first and they were all as shocked as we were. I loved hearing their response and seeing the look on their faces when I told them and/or showed them the US pics and said, "There's 1.... and 2.... and 3!" :) We started really telling people once I was about 12 weeks prego... when we were pretty much "in the clear" and I started showing... we wanted to be sure all was OK!

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