Another addition! (Spring/Summer 2006)

I know what you're thinking and NO... we didn't add any more kids! :) With our rapidly expanded family, we needed to expand our house ASAP to better accommodate everyone and everything! You can never have too much room! Anyway-- with our addition, we gained 1 bathroom, 2 bedrooms, a laundry room, and a huge eat-in kitchen. Thus far, the big kitchen & extra bedrooms have been lifesavers. I'm sure the 2nd bathroom will be of more importance once everyone is potty trained. :)

Our house has changed SO much since we bought it and I think we are finally done (thank goodness!) with major renovations & changes!! I am thrilled not to have to deal with all of the mess of home construction and the cost of it. Through it all, though, it's all well worth it.

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