A little "frost" on the pumpkin (10/29/2011)

I know it's that time of year for "freaky" things to happen, but SNOW in October!? We are days away from Halloween and we had our 1st snow of the late-Fall/Winter season! odd...

Since we had so much fun doing it last year, we wanted to carve another pumpkin this year. I had told the kids earlier that day that we'd carve a pumpkin today. On my way home from work, I made a few stops and found NO PUMPKINS... not surprising since it's only days before Halloween! Panic set in, thinking how heart-broken my kids would be. Well, luck must've been on my side at that very moment because upon my last stop (at ACME), what sat alone in the big box out front of the store?? A big, beautiful pumpkin = MINE!!! The kids were SO excited to see me come through the door with pumpkin in hand = priceless! :)

Instead of "just a face" on this pumpkin this year, we did a PEACE*LOVE*HAPPINESS pumpkin... it really came out cute! The kids were so excited! I think this is definitely going to be an annual tradition for the kids and I. I can't wait 'til they can start carving their own... not for a few years, though! :)

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