Jayla meets her cousins! (10/5/2011)

They have been waiting patiently days and finally, my kids got to meet their new cousin, Jayla! I loved watching them with her... the joy that overwhelmed them just being able to hold her... so precious, so gentle. Jayla is the 1st baby my kids, especially the triplets, have really experienced.

OMG- I love this pic... Anthony holding his baby cousin's hand... so precious! Yet again, ANthony continues to be the only boy... the only brother, the only male cousin! He has a big job ahead of him in life... lots of girls to watch after and protect. He's such a good boy!

Jayla, you have a lot of little one to love you, too and they all can't wait for you to continue to grow & have fun with them! We all love you! xo

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