Happy Birthday, Mommy! (9/18/2011)

The BEACH, my BABIES, and my BESTIE... the 3 "B's" that made my 33rd birthday the BEST! :) On that note, Sharon, the kids, and I headed to Ocean City for the day. We had a lot of fun... from watching the planes (the air show was in town once again this year-- same time!), to playing in the arcade, to walking the Boardwalk, to going on the rides, to shopping... we had a GREAT time!

CAUTION: 4 kids playing Skeeball all at 1x can be DANGEROUS! lol... balls flying UP, BACK, in other lanes...

The can't get enough of the claw machines. Thank you to the arcade on the Boardwalk that has awesome claw machines that allow the kids to play 'til the win... no tears!! :)

As you can see, they "cleaned up" in the arcade today! All it takes is $5.00 each and some patience. :)

On our way hme, we stopped at APPLEBEES for dinner. The kids *surprised* me by having the waiters & waitresses sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! Embarrassing = yes, but to see my kids so happy & excited, PRICELESS! :)

When we got home (actually the next day), I gathered with my family to celebrate!

I had a GREAT 33rd birthday! I am so very lucky to continue to "grow up" with my beautiful, wonderful kids under my wing and awesome, loving family & friends by my side, too! I love you all so much and I am so thankful for all of you! <3

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