Roadtrip to Chesapeake Beach, MD! (7/29-7/31/2011)

On a whim- I booked a hotel, packed up, loaded up, and we're off to Chesapeake Beach, MD... an uncharted location for us! :) With Sharon, my kids, & my niece in tow, we took a roadtrip to MD! On Tuesday night, I found this place, booked a hotel, and by Friday morning, we were on the road headed to Chesapeake Beach!

When we arrived, we found it to be a small, seaport town. While there for the weekend, we drove all over checking out the sites.

The town owns & operates a water park, so that's where we spent our Friday night. We all had a lot of fun slipping, sliding, & splashing.

The next morning, we headed to the beach! Very early into our jaunt to the beach, we realized, "we are not at the Jersey Shore anymore!" We went to a local beach there that was recommended by the locals. Upon pulling into a park-like setting, we should have known. Needless to say, after hiking about a mile (I'm not kidding!) down gravel roads in flip flops & bathing suits lugging all of our beach "stuff", we made it to the "beach"! It was pretty there and the kids enjoyed swimmng in & checking ut the Chesapeake Bay.

Lol... we tried to get a little "creative" with the sleeping arrangements... just how do you fit 2 adults & 5 kids into 2 queen-size beds!?! Needless to say, this arrangement was a good idea, but lasted no longer than 5 min.! :)

We had a great time on our little last-minute excursion to an uncharted (for us) getaway spot! Life's too short... live it up! :)

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