Those WILDWOOD Days!! (June 27-30, 2011)

Oh those Wildwood days... :) Lots of fun & many more memories in Wildwood on our few day getaway!

This is an awesome hotel... very family-oriented! It's on the beach, across from a playground, they have a pool & mini golf at the hotel, they have contests for the guests thru-out the day... it's really a great place to go with the family!

Like the last time, we got a bunch of pick-n-peel shrimp... yum! Memom & I ended up pickin' & peelin' the most... which the kids ate them... Expected! :)

Sticking with tradition, we went down to Sunset Beach to see the shipwreck off the coast. This time, though, was awesome because we got to be there for the nightly lowering of the flag ceremony. An older gentleman goes there every night and conducts a ceremony where they honor a deceased member of the Armed Forces... it was touching & awesome to witness this... I'm so glad the kids got to see it.

AT the hotel, ANthony took part i the "Mr. Muscle" contest and won 2nd place! Great job, Anthony! :) Thanks to Aunt Sharon for coaching him on... we cheered him on as he strutted by, lifted some weights, and showed his muscles off to the judges. He was proud of himself.

"Watch the Tram Car, please!"

Sharon & I slept outside on the deck one night, awaiting the sunrise. The 1st morning we missed it due to being overcast, but the next morning-- we caught it! Wow-- how awesome & so pretty!!

On our way home from Wildwood, we made our usual pitstop at the Cape May Zoo to see our animal friends! :)

It was a great trip... lots of fun, good times, & great memories! Thank you, Memom! :)
I think Aunt Sharon, Memom, and I need to go on vacation!

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