Anthony's last game for the Season! (6/18/2011)

Today was Anthony's last game of the season. Wow-- I can't believe soccer season is over already! It was a good 1st season. It was so cool to see how much these little ones learned in just a few short months. I enjoyed watching them all play. :)

They had a great team! All of the boys were so nice & got along so well, and they were led by an awesome coach-- Coach Rick!

Anthony-- Mommy is SO proud of you... we are ALL so proud of you! I can't believe how much you have learned and accomplished your 1st season! I hope you are proud of yourself & your accomplishments. We have loved watching you play this season and can't wait to watch you as you continue to play. I love you, my little Soccer player!

Thanks to Aunt Sharon for being behind Anthony 100% this season... encouraging him to play, practicing with him, and making sure he (and she) was at every game. You're a great "coach" for Anthony and an awesome Aunt!

Everybody in the pool! Pool Party at Coach Rick's house after the last game... a fun time for all!

(yes-- cake by me) :)

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