Angelia's last day of 1st grade! (6/16/2011)

Another year of Elementary School completed by Angelia... today was her last day of 1st grade!

This was the last time the little ones would walk to school to pick-up their big sister from school... the next time we go to pick-up, I'll be making this trip alone-- on my way to pick up all 4 of them (in the Fall)! Wow-- reality check!

Angelia had another awesome teacher this year, Miss Smith! She was great, Angelia loved her, she was great to my little ones-- allowing them to come to & join class parties, etc., and she taught Angelia so much! Thank you for everything, Miss Smith!

We made a scrapbook for Miss Smith, too! Again-- kids so proud and their teacher-- smiling with tears of joy! :)

The principal & a teacher in the school gave this Llama to Angelia in recognition of how much she has "grown" this year. (The Llama is from the book "Llama, Llama, I miss my Mama") We had a bit of a tough time with Angelia throughout the school year, crying when I would leave her in the morning, so these 2 ladies played a big role in comforting her and getting her over that little "phase". I thank them for all of their help! :)

Angelia-- Mommy is SO proud of you and can't believe you are already going into 2nd grade! You have grown so much yet again this year and I couldn't be prouder of all you have done. Mommy loves you so much! Yay for 1st grade and off to 2nd grade you go, my Baby Girl!

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