NICU Reunion 2011 (3/26/2011)

Once again this year, we joined other CHS @ Mercer NICU "grads" at Sesame Place for their annual NICU Reunion! As in all of the past years, the kids had a great time!

A future Dr. Anthony J. Zerilli?!? You never know...

Every year, the nurses help the NICU "grads" put their handprints on a huge banner... each year more and more hands added and the bigger & bigger those once tiny hands get! :) As you can see, the Zerilli triplets left their mark once again this year, too! :)

I am so grateful to the NICU at CHS @ Mercer for giving my babies a GREAT start! Along with the March of Dimes, they were and continue to be WONDERFUL! :) Thank you all for hosting this great event for the kids once again! :)

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